NetLS LCC is the winner of Top Ukrainian Awards “Choice of Country 2021”!

We are glad to inform you that according to Official State Statistics of Ukraine NetLS LCC became the winner of Top Ukrainian Awards “Choice of Country 2021”, approved by Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

As a result of a study using the URSA 50 (Ukrainian Rating system of Awards) method, among enterprises operating in Ukraine, according to financial indicators FinScore and MarketScore, the company was officially awarded the status of “Choice of Country 2021.

Choice of Country is an annual award to the best companies in Ukraine. The organization was founded in 2014.

The ranking covers more than 200,000 companies in 150+ categories of business activity. The results of ranking are published annually on the award website and in social networks.

“My personal moto I’m always trying to share with my team is: “The customer buys the result of a successful product, not the means to achieve it”. Following this principle allowed us to get out of the crisis three years ago and by 2021 to become the winner in this nomination, which shows that our team is moving in the right direction and we will continue to grow without violating our principles and adhering to our goals.” Liubomyr Ruchenchyn, CEO, NetLS LLC.


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