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Reduced the Time for Software Module Development by 3 Times, Involving 4 Times Less Developers.


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Reduced the Time for Software Module Development by 3 Times, Involving 4 Times Less Developers.

Сustomer company (information about company is under NDA) is an international company that develops and manufactures intelligent fluid flow equipment (pumps and accompanying equipment). The company has about 1,200 employees in more than 40 countries and is one of the leaders in its area.

In the digital age, all successful companies are trying to keep up with new trends and respond quickly to changes.

Previously, the customer company worked with a team of developers from India, which numbered more than 10 people

The previous team was following incorrectly constructed processes - a lot of time was spent on developing and publishing new software modules due to inconsistent actions of developers (when one employee did something, everything fell apart for another).

All this led to the fact that the team did not meet deadlines, it took a whole year to develop and deploy just one module.

In this situation, the client decided to change the team and turned to us.

As a result, 3 NetLS engineers were developing 1 module in 4 months.

To achieve these results, our experts have decided to implement the following processes:

  1. Immediately at the beginning of the cooperation, close communication was established with the customer's managers for a better understanding of the product and its specifics.
  2. We created automated tests and built them into the process so that all tasks are automated before entering the manual testing phase
  3. Thorough verification of task results by both developers and manual testers.

This approach has significantly reduced the percentage of bugs. The previous team spent around 8 days completing 1 task and as a result the bug fixing phase took approximately 2 months.

We started working on the issues more precisely, which resulted in increasing the task duration to around 15 days but only 10 days were spent on bugs.

As a result, the term of task development was reduced twice, and due to the introduction of automated testing by three times.

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 16.45

When we started cooperating with the customer, the situation was close to critical, as the previous team did not meet the deadline but the problem had to be solved in short terms. This situation, of course, led to some pressure from the client. On the other hand, this was an advantage, as with the client's permission, we began to communicate directly with his experts, thus avoiding so-called “Telephone”, and had the opportunity to directly contact the managers with our own requests.

From a technical point of view, only some parts of the project were complex. In general, all the complexity was in calculations, mathematical parts. 

Currently, all the issues are solved, the project is transferred to the customer's developer team trained by our specialists for further support.

Yaroslav Ersteniuk, Architect, NetLS LLC.


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