NetLS LCC participated in IT Career Day 2022

Beginning of 2022 seemed difficult for each of us but we, believing in victory, did not pause life, did not stop our activities, we began working even more actively on even more new ideas, because we understand that the IT industry is among those who support our economy at such a difficult time.

Photo-32-1Therefore we work with absolute fighting spirit, we plan, we set goals and achieve them, and also willingly support any initiatives and ideas that will help us form a strong Ukrainian IT community through the development of young talents. That is why we gladly accepted the invitation from the IT Cluster and took part in the grand event "IT CAREER DAY", which took place at the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas. Together with the leading IT companies of our city such as "Avenga", "Sombra", "Softserve", "Eleks", "IT Global Support", we had the opportunity to communicate with our talented young people, tell our own stories, share our experience, and also answer all the questions of young men and women who are currently on the verge of choosing their future profession, and are taking their first steps to "Enter IT". 

Photo-10 (1)In a cozy place in the open air, students received open and honest answers to their open-ended questions. We dispelled the myths that have overgrown the IT industry and talked about the realities of IT and possible prospects for development. We were pleasantly surprised by the interesting questions from our guests, their thirst for new knowledge, and incredible positivity, recharged with this energy from them, and we hope that one day in the future some of them will become our "colleagues".


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