What is the Future of Meteor.js

Basic principles of Meteor

  1. JavaScript is used on both the client and server.
  2. Data transfer only.
  3. Your applications are real-time by default.
  4. The database is accessible from everywhere.
  5. Full set of reactivity.
  6. General ecosystem framework.
  7. Simplicity = productivity.

Meteor is on the verge of revolution. Its identity as a framework is at stake and it may regress to a rather complete kickstart. Investments in Meteor lead to the development of fundamentally new mass of web applications, each of which, in its turn be able to attract big business and bring its investors a dividend.

Sped up the software development lifecycle processes by up to 40%.

MEF.DEV provides developers with accelerated development, hosting, and the ability to manage applications based on the composition of IoC (Inversion of Controls) containers through a flexible development process based on the principles of continuous integration. The platform supports domain-driven design and business analysis with database and model-first code generation capability and unified development process. It provides an open standards-based approach to build software.