What is Online Consulting?

If the goals of your business, as a result of which you choose a partner (namely a contractor) are significantly different from the KPI of other online businesses, our company offers you a personal online strategy in the form of professional online consulting, designed for your business project. You know what consulting is, but we will focus on a slightly different area of Internet consulting.

In this case, for the success and efficiency of your business, we offer the services of our company, NetLS.

We share knowledge

We will make every effort to offer effective web marketing tools that comprehensively deliver maximum results and exceed your expectations.

If you choose to cooperate with us on the Internet consulting program, you will have the opportunity to use the services of our company (which is very profitable), but only pay for the hours of those professionals who participated in productive work to achieve business ideas and goals in your project.

Price of our services

We do not require any subscription fees and provide all reporting quite transparently. The important thing is that we provide only those services that have been directly agreed with you regarding the price.

The cost of our services depends on the specialization and the required level of qualification of our specialists and starts from $8 per hour.

Do you want us to prepare a personal solution for your project?

Contact sales.manager.netls@gmail.com, or call us: +38 (093) 310 59 80

Why us?

  • Here are our advantages:
  • Personal online strategy
  • Expert evaluation
  • Transparent reporting
  • Qualitative results
  • Long-term cooperation





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