Web Analytics for your Website

Once you've analyzed your audience, created and launched a site, and found effective channels to engage it, your business project begins to enter a phase of active growth.

At the initial stage, most of the channels that were chosen when preparing a marketing strategy perform their mission to attracting targeted traffic well.

What is web analytics in general? It is a set of certain analytical procedures, special tools and data collection.

All analytical data is carefully studied which allows businesses to understand what adjustments need to be made to web marketing, and consists of the following elements:

  • Site performance analysis
  • Analysis of visits
  • Sales analytics
  • Analysis of site promotion in all channels

Web analytics of online stores

Analytics is primarily important for the analysis of online stores. E-commerce business is the first to use web analytics tools to monitor and study online store statistics. Therefore, high-quality analysis of online store sales statistics is very important for the survival of a new online store.

What are our services?

The tools and services we provide for web analytics and site promotion to find out the best results business will get from working with us:

  • SEO technical audit
  • SEO audit - a complete analysis of external factors
  • Audit of contextual advertising
  • Competitors analysis - links (to determine the required budget)
  • Analysis of the topic and the formation of an optimization plan
  • Calculation of development potential and niche marketing research
  • Usability analysis (interface)
  • SEO promotion
  • Optimizing the external mass and increasing the credibility of the project
  • Structuring (development of the correct structure of the web-site)
  • Crowd marketing
  • Writing informational articles
  • Articles on third-party resources
  • Writing descriptions of goods or services (copyright, 1000 characters)
  • SMM audit
  • Mailing

Also, our company can prepare an individual offer if you write to - sales.manager.netls@gmail.com


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