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What is Online Consulting?

If the goals of your business, as a result of which you choose a partner (namely a contractor) are significantly different from the KPI of other online businesses, our company offers you a personal online strategy in the form of professional online consulting, designed for your business project. You know what consulting is, but we will focus on a slightly different area of Internet consulting.

Web Analytics for your Website

Once you've analyzed your audience, created and launched a site, and found effective channels to engage it, your business project begins to enter a phase of active growth.

How to Keep Your Clients?

When the initial promotion of the site and services is behind, sales are growing, the customers you support can share their service experience. At the same time, internet marketers, SEO agencies, or professionals to whom you turn have another difficult task ahead of them - feedback and further collaboration.

Internet Sales Growth

Online commerce is gaining momentum because it saves money on the maintenance of a regular store. However, competition is growing, whether in services, trade or other areas. It's time to think about sales scaling and maximize the reach of your target audience on the Internet.

What is the Future of Meteor.js

For the first time the world heard about Meteor in December 2011. This is not just another javascript framework. Meteor – a platform for building highly interactive modular client-server applications. Meteor is absolutely new approach to web application development. There are no clear boundaries between front-end and back-end. It enables to write real-time applications, and a rapidly expanding community creates new packages and modules on a scale that will help you in future projects.

6 Types of Clients: Must Read!

Companies are working with people and for people. The IT sphere is no exception. We conducted our own analysis of clients behavior, during the service order, and installed several types.