What is the future of Meteor.js


For the first time the world heard about Meteor in December 2011. This is not just another javascript framework. Meteor – a platform for building highly interactive modular client-server applications. Meteor is absolutely new approach to web application development. There are no clear boundaries between front-end and back-end. It enables to write real-time applications, and a rapidly expanding community creates new packages and modules on a scale that will help you in future projects.

Basic principles of Meteor

  1. JavaScript is used on both the client and server.
  2. Data transfer only.
  3. Your applications are real-time by default.
  4. The database is accessible from everywhere.
  5. Full set of reactivity
  6. General ecosystem framework
  7. Simplicity = productivity.

Meteor is on the verge of revolution. Its identity as a framework is at stake and it may regress to a rather complete kickstart. Investments in Meteor lead to the development of fundamentally new mass of web applications, each of which, in its turn be able to attract big business and bring its investors a dividend.

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