6 types of clients : must read!


Companies are working with people and for people. The IT sphere is no exception. We conducted our own analysis of clients behavior, during the service order, and installed several types.


This type of the client concerns to a manager, company, product or service positively. The manager’s actions:

  • show goodwill and interest to a client;
  • ague their position, even if the client agrees with the manager.


This client enters into an argument with the manager and shows aggression. The manager’s actions:

  • reach agreement;
  • keep a positive attitude and goodwill;
  • observe standards of service;
  • lead a strong case – facts.


He shows concern, suspicion and indecision. The client often looks for flaws in the product. Even taking the decision, he doubts its correctness. The manager’s actions:

  • show the benefits and advantages that accrue to the customer if he decides immediately; r
  • remain firm in positions;
  • work with all client objections constructively.


This client is looking for a profit and not only money. Get “bonus” from the company ranks first. He’s looking for nuances, negative, lack and requires monetary compensation. The manager’s actions:

  • not to succumb to provocations;
  • rely on facts;
  • provide excellent service.

Big Boss

This client wants only the best and is willing to pay. Persistent, has his own opinion, persnickety. He is interested in positive results and will observe your actions. The manager’s actions:

  • provide excellent service;
  • listen to the customer;
  • make it so, that the client felt himself a part of the process.


This type of client demonstrates his exceptional knowledge, trying to teach you your job, boasts possession of information, accuses manager of incompetence. The manager’s actions:

  • keep calm;
  • talk only about facts;
  • make a compliment awareness of this client.

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