Meteor vs MEAN


21st century is time of the computer revolution. Every day we learn something new about programming languages.

Mean – an open source JavaScript system which is used for development of web projects and software. It was created by Valery Karpov and consists of Express.js, Node.js, MongoDB and Angular.js. This system became popular only a few years ago.

Meteor is an open source JS system too. It uses the Distributed Data Protocol and is based on MongoDB.

Why is Meteor a better choice?

The biggest advantage of Meteor is that clients can write any synchronization code without the developer.

The MEAN stack has only basic forms of instruments that Meteor can give free.  With the help of Meteor a developer has an opportunity to build full-stack app easier than with the MEAN.

Meteor needs less time to receive information from a table or a collection. Meteor also has the entire toolchain built-in, from compiling Coffeescript automatically to minifying and concatenating CSS and JS.

Meteor consists of 4300 elements; the MEAN stack has only one seo-module.

A documentation of Meteor is professionally and clearly written. On the other side, a documentation of the looks too simply nowadays. In order to find information you need only a few minutes. 80% of questions about Mongo were described in the Meteor FAQ.

All the pieces of Meteor function are working very well together.

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