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Do you want to learn how to measure and analyze your social media marketing efforts?

Those who are engaged in search engine optimization have met with this program at least once or twice. It is essential for website development and detecting its flaws. Let us highlight main functions of Google Analytics once more – experienced SEO, we beg your pardon here!

Here is how you get started:
1. Get an account of yours, if you do not have one yet;
2. Adjust website tracking for target website;
3. Set up Google Analytics tracking code on all the pages of your website.
Google Analytics is quite a rich and versatile instrument, which provides you with reports about your website efficiency for free. At first glance, it seems to be a pretty complicated system for statistics data gathering which requires quite some time to explore it entirely. But after you really come to know your onions, Google Analytics can become a reliable tool in website promotion and optimization.

All the reports come as charts and graphs of percent correspondences and averages for various data. These reports may include diverse kinds of data depending on your adjustments. For example, there may be keywords by which users find your website; links by which users leave your website; average time of a visit to the whole website and particular pages. Also, you get a detailed list of visitors by various criteria like browsers used or their location.

Using Google Analytics you can thoroughly track what users do visit your website, where they came from and what gets them interested the most. For efficient performance and assessment of an advertisement campaign results, one needs a delicate and individual adjusting of the statistics system. Having created necessary filters and required reports one can have access to most complicated metrics in seconds! But optimization process does not stop at this point – one should keep in mind that!

But if you don’t have time and will to get to know the Analytics deeply, then you can always contact our SEO/SMM specialists! 🙂


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