AdWords VS AdChoices

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Are you a talented but unfairly nameless businessman who just cannot find the proper customers? Well, there’s one thing on the Earth that can find almost anyone for you. It’s Google.

Google AdWords is a paid context advertisement of a website which puts it before all the search results on the first page and has an easy and neat interface. Besides, AdWords fits both gigantic holdings and small companies.

Along with the first line in Google search results it allows placing the advert on Google partner-websites.

Payment is requested for each click which basically means that the customer pays only for each person actually interested in his product. The more expensive each click is the higher is the position in the list. One of the biggest AdWords pros is its flexibility: one can set up a budget for a predetermined period of time; limit the advert demonstration to some particular area or time; change the keywords or the contents of their advertisement.

Have you ever heard of Google Adchoices?

Behavioral marketing strategy means that all the contents of the adverts you see depend on what you seek on the Internet and on which websites you visit. Let’s say you have browsed through a few pages about jogging. After that, some of the advertisements that are shown to you will be about jogging.

Can one control the advertisement at their own discretion?Yes, there is such a possibility. One also could refuse to be shown some particular adverts. To do that you need to click the right mouse button on the Adchoices logo, open a new tab, and click the Refuse button there. Nevertheless, it does not guarantee that you won’t see that particular advert again.

So it’s only you to choose what advertisement to view: a context or a random one.

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